About StudioCloud


StudioCloud is free, easy-to-use, business management software designed for small business owners. StudioCloud is used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries. StudioCloud’s goal is to help small businesses grow and become more profitable.


StudioCloud has continually pushed the bounds of technology to be able to offer the latest technological advances in business management software. StudioCloud runs on Adobe Air allowing it to work seamlessly on both Mac and PC. StudioCloud can operate on your desktop while automatically syncing your data to your mobile phone, internet browser, or any internet enabled device. All of StudioCloud’s features are completely integrated including Client Management, Scheduling, Point-of-Sale, Bookkeeping, Reporting, Marketing tools, and more.


StudioCloud is a privately held company located in Orem, UT. StudioCloud is committed to providing the highest quality software to small business owners. StudioCloud was launched in 2007 and has rapidly grown since. To get the latest news on StudioCloud follow our blog at blog.studiocloud.com.