If you’re looking for a free and easy way to manage your business, look no further.

StudioCloud is FREE, easy-to-use, business management software
that works on both Mac and PC and includes free cloud services.

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  Free StudioCloud Business
Management Software
Price (per month) Free $30 $60
Unlimited Clients Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Events / Sessions / Appointments Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Invoices / Estimates/ Quotes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Projects / Orders Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Bookkeeping Entries Yes Yes Yes
iPhone / iPad Apps Yes Yes Yes
Android Phone / Tablet Apps Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Syncing Yes Yes Yes
Integrates With ProSelect Yes Yes Yes
Getting Started Tutorials Yes Yes Yes
StudioCloud User Logins 1 2 3+*
Technical Support Yes Yes
Schedule StudioCloud Users Yes Yes
Schedule Equipment, Locations and Virtual Employees Yes
Virtual Employees Yes
User Security Roles Yes
Time Card Tracking Yes
* The EmployeeBoost upgrade comes with 3 StudioCloud users. Additional StudioCloud users can be purchased for $3 per user per month
Integration is Key

StudioCloud is free desktop software that provides an integrated system including Cloud Syncing, Client Management, Scheduling,
Point-of-Sale, Bookkeeping, Reporting, Marketing Campaigns, Project/Event/Order Management and much more!

StudioCloud provides mobility for one StudioCloud user by syncing all of your StudioCloud data between the cloud, or online server,
and all of your internet enabled devices.

Free Desktop software for Mac and Windows
Unlimited Clients, Appointments, Invoices, Orders, etc.
Free apps For iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet
Seamless Integration with ProSelect
Free Online Syncing Capabilites
1 StudioCloud User

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Integration is Key



PartnerBoost provides mobility for two StudioCloud users by syncing all of your StudioCloud data between the cloud,
all of your internet enabled devices, and your other user.
Includes 2 StudioCloud users

Learn More About PartnerBoost

EmployeeBoost provides mobility for three or more StudioCloud users by syncing all of your StudioCloud data between the cloud,
all of your internet enabled devices, and all of your other users.
Includes 3 StudioCloud users and Unlimited Virtual Employees

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CloudProofing By StudioCloud

CloudBooking By StudioCloud

CloudProofing By StudioCloud offers photographers an easy
yet powerful integrated online proofing system
to sell their images online.

Learn More About CloudProofing

CloudBooking By StudioCloud offers an
integrated online booking solution which is fully customizable
to meet most every businesses booking needs.

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CloudForms By StudioCloud

CloudAlerts By StudioCloud

CloudForms provides online forms, personalized and auto-generated contracts, as well as eSignature capabilities

Learn More About CloudForms

CloudAlerts provides automatic reminders to customers or employees using email, text messages, or postcard reminders.

Learn More About CloudAlerts

StudioCloud, It’s Just that Easy!

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